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InstructorLashonda Lee
TypeOnline Course
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Can I let you in on something? A LOT of people I know struggle with low self-esteem.  They feel unworthy, and they go through life with a cloud hanging over their head. They really don’t like anything about themselves. Is this you? Do you feel the same way? I put together The 5 Day Self-Esteem Challenge for women and they loved it! Due to the plethora of success stories, I am not offering it to you. I promise it will help you  significantly grow in your self-esteem and confidence. Imagine the difference in the amount of joy you would experience. I invite you to sign up RIGHT NOW. You won’t regret it.



Section 1Day 1: THIS is the foundation of everything
Section 2Day 2: Everything you’ve been told is a lie
Section 3Day 3: The ONE voice you must IGNORE
Section 4Day 4: Let’s talk about friends...
Section 5Day 5: I bet you didn’t think of THIS!
Section 6Day 6: Wow. What a journey. Let’s reflect a little bit!
Section 7Day 7: Can I be your POSITIVE relationship?
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