Hey Greatness! I'm Lashonda Lee

Dynamic, authentic, strategic and caring are words clients have used to describe LaShonda Lee. LaShonda Lee is a Wife, Mother, Author, Coach and business owner who is fiercely committed to helping women who struggle with getting unstuck discover resilience so they can own their brilliance. She’s passionate about guiding women into making good life choices, taking action towards their dreams and stepping into a sassy and classy life they control and live on their terms.


For many years, she has been actively involved as a mentor, leader and motivational speaker helping others establish and achieve their spiritual, personal and professional goals.


In 2014, LaShonda was also called to ministry. She is the wife of Rev. David Lee and serves as First Lady and Co-Women Ministry Leader of Guiding Star Missionary Baptist Church. LaShonda is a much sought-after spiritual speaker, teacher and trainer, specializing in teaching individuals how to be the best version of themselves and exemplify how to boldly walk into the destiny God has already planned for them. LaShonda is obedient to her call and ministers wherever God sends her. She cherishes her ability to connect with individuals and help them see the seeds of greatness God has planted within them.


As a trainer LaShonda’s professional philosophy is success comes by choice, not by chance! “We will either make choices that pave the way for our success or our failure. Success is making the choice to get focused on what we want, create winning habits, establish a game plan to accomplish your goal(s) and of course take actions that lead to your desired end result.”

LaShonda Lee brings over 18 years’ experience in communications, leadership, change management, emotional intelligence, consulting, sales, strategic planning and stress management skills to the classroom. LaShonda is authentic, compassionate and dedicated to each individual’s success - making her a top-notch trainer.

What sets LaShonda apart is her understanding that each individual has unique learning abilities. Her capability to connect and build rapport with trainees allows for an enhanced learning environment. Attendees will find that she is sincere, relatable, personable and professional. LaShonda strives to ensure attendees leave enlightened and encouraged.

Her teaching style is outgoing and open-ended. She enjoys incorporating visual illustrations and props for content enhancement. LaShonda also enjoys feedback from attendees, as it allows her to learn from teaching experiences and tailor training accordingly. Some of LaShonda’s areas of expertise include communications, administrative services, time management and stress management.

LaShonda Lee is an experienced professional. She provides practical skills and valuable techniques to inspire and motivate and advance your career! She offers real-world experience in the courses she facilitates. She maintains her proficiency through industry-specific research, attending advanced seminars and collegiate courses, and communication with other experts in her field.